.:BoD:.Biohazard Sewer access backdrop

Exclusive with 25% off @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Theme: welcome to raccoon city
Date: Sept 4th – Oct 2nd 2021


This backdrop will come with Copy/modify rights, you can change textures but remind the textures example the walls been made in the right order so it can turn out difference if place a simple uv texture on it.
You can unlink the backdrop it is made with 3 parts + hidden light, -main sewer, the add ons Pipes, door ect,- and a end add on.
Unlinking the end on would make a new opening on this backdrop, like a hall or door idea.
removing the parts inside the shadows will stay, they are with the textures, The light is under the lamp if want to remove and customize your own light. (or edit link and make it your own way)

When rezz the backdrop LI be 50, make it bigger LI go up and as same make it smaller LI will be lower

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